ART 140


(Dates and projects are subject to change)



WEEK 01 _Aug 26_______________________________________________






-- "I bought a 4K TV!"

-- Photoshop vs Illustrator

-- Raster vs Vector

-- Quality and Resolution





-- Around Photoshop

-- Around Illustrator

-- Documents/Imports and Outputs


Let's make some lines. (or paths?)

Download [Ch1] file.


House Project (10 Point)


Take a good/straight/frontal photo of your building (home, house, dorm, ...).

Draw your house in Illustrator.

Keep your lines straight. No curves.

Use only flat/solid colors. No gradients or textures.

Try to be accurate and faithful to details.


In Illustrator first save your file as .ai format for your archive, then Export your file as JPG to use in Photoshop.

In Photoshop place your result from Illustrator AND the real photo in a letter size document/portrait orientation/screen quality/1" margin/ RGB mode


You will upload 2 files to your canvas BEFORE next class on Tuesday.





Value (Dark / Medium / Light)




WEEK 02 _Sep 02_______________________________________________




Value (Dark / Medium / Light)  [Text 01]

Mondrian [Here]







Curves and paths


Tracing shapes.


Download [Ch2] file.


First we work on the tracing template file.

Then finish the shapes file and upload to Canvas before leaving the class.

Use solid color if need any. Do not use gradients.






Via Google search image find a good quality image of a sea creature! (at least 600px on short side)

Trace and create digital version of your creature (with strokes and fills) while you are modifying the details.


Add some background using pen tool behind the creature in different layers.

 Export your file as 150ppi jpg, using artboard.


Place your final result + actual photo in a single document, letter size, 150 ppi, 0.5" margin

You will upload 2 below files to the Canvas. (Pay attention to the formats and artboard)





Self-check before uploading to the Canvas:

  • Did I use a good quality image?
  • Did I use pen tool to trace?
  • Did I create all shape in smooth curve?
  • Is there any broken curve or bumpy path?
  • Did I add create background for my creature?
  • Is my digital file similar to original photo?
  • Is my final file has correct resolution/margin?
  • Did I save my file with right format/name?


Due Date: Before our next class time on Tuesday.




WEEK 03 _Sep 09_______________________________________________





All about values


Download [Ch0304] file.


Download Slogan [Here]

Download Bench [Here]

Download lines template [Here]

Add your name to top-left corner of your file in Courier 15pt.

Upload your files to canvas.




Composition and value


Download [Ch0407]


Working files Value|Scale [Here]



Working files Value|Contrast [Here]



VVS Syndrome!



WEEK 04 _Sep 16_______________________________________________






Native files

JPG files - Joint Photographic Experts Group!


Disk Space (IMPORTANT)



Area Contrast:

  • Good contrast
  • Histogram
  • High Contrast
  • Low Contrast
  • Emphasis



Windy Northridge  [Here]

Edit path, Text on path, Adjust values in color


Try to create same value as template.

Include your name and last name in Courier 20/red over wavy path.

Save your file as jpg (don't forget artboard)

Upload your file to canvas.





Download [Ch0811]


Pathfinder [Here]


Composition - {Here]

Negative space





File for exercise [Here]


Download template ch.8 [Here]

Download template ch.9 [Here]


Upload 12 jpg file before next class. (pay attention to the files name.



WEEK 05 _Sep 23_______________________________________________






Contrast (low/hight)




Area contrast vs Background Contrast


In-class working files [Here]

Ansel Adams Examples [Here]


Kitchen composition [Here]

Flower Value-Contrast [Here]


Upload your Flower and Kitchen files by the end of today.





Color Theory

Paint vs Light

Contrast (low/hight)


Download [Ch1112]


Color Working file [Here]

Sample Image | Flower [Here]

Hue/Value worksheet [Here]


Color /Value Home Working file [Here]



WEEK 06 _Sep 30_______________________________________________




Homework Exercise B review


Color photography

Value vs. Intensity


Download [Ch131415]

Color Intensity/Saturation Working files [Here]

Working file Leaf [Here]


Upload Cactus and Leaf file.



Take 6 photos using complementary scheme.

Horizontal, no crop, no post production, no filter.

Arrange them by stacking over each other in a portrait document with one each spacing. upload to the canvas before next class. 





Warm Color vs Cool Color

Triadic Scheme


Working files Ch14 [Here]

Working Files Ch15 [Here]



Sketch your character!

3 sketches on WHITE paper. Letter size.




WEEK 07 _Oct 07_______________________________________________





Geometric artwork / Geometric character

Download [Ch1617]


Good shape


Center of shape

Small scale detail


Repetition / Variety


Character Template [Here]

Upload your version as jpg to the canvas by the end of today.


Artist to review:



We start making sketches for a fictional character. As always the more the merrier.

We will select 3 sketches for your character to develop next class.

Make sure  we finalized your top 3 sketches before leaving the class.


Practice chapter 16 and do the exercise. Whale Template [Here].

Save your file as jpg and upload to the canvas before next class.

READ chapter 17 before next class.





Developing the character / Digital draft

Image tracing


Import your 3 digital character to this [template] and save as jpg and upload to the canvas before next class.



WEEK 08 _Oct 14_______________________________________________





Character Development

Iteration, Iteration, Iteration


Make silhouette version of all 3 characters.

Choose the best one and devolve the character.

Some common corrections. [Here]

Look at the scale of the head and body. Look at their ratio.

Try to avoid human scale/ratio.

Your final result shouldn't look like the first generation.


You work on color palette when you have final shape of the character.

For coloring don't forget:  Adobe Color [Link]






Refine the character,

try different color combinations

Finalize the character and documents all steps. (format pdf)

Your final file will have 3 pages. (Letter size / portrait / 150ppi / RGB)

Page 1 : 3 initial digital sketches at the top following all evolution steps

Page 2:  Character in different color variations

Page 3: Final version of character including color stand-alone


Use the template and replace the information with yours.  [Here]


Download Ch20 [Here]


Compound image / Good shape






Working file [Here]

Upload Mr. Dorgan to your canvas as jpg. Include your name at the bottom of the design in 12pt.



Working file Ch20 [Here]


Upload the compound exercise Freud before next class.

Upload your character result before next class.





WEEK 09 _Oct 21_______________________________________________





Contrast and Color

Color Balance

Cool Image vs Warm Image

Download Ch18-19 [Here]


Working files Ch1819 [Here]


Use the template and replace your photos with the template. [Here]

Make sure at the end delete the template layer (gray rectangles) before  saving your file as pdf.

3Photos :

a. Use rule of thirds

b. Use lines to frame/point to the main subject

c. Create cool and warm editions of your original photo using Color Balance, Hue/Saturation, ...





Collage/Montage Project



Working Files-  [Here]



Document Size : Letter size Vertical or Horizontal / 150 dpi


Combine at least 5 photo/image/layer to create your surreal/dada project




Keep in mind:


General composition?


Color theme?


Subject matter?


Rhythm? repetition?


Using all the space? leaving some space blank?


Positive area vs. negative area?




Download the surreal project template. [Here] Save all the assets in a separate artboard.




Tips on selecting your assets------------------------


Common surrealist elements/themes:




Slow flying things (insects, birds, balloons, etc.)




Hybrids (ordinary animals or objects spliced together)


Sensory organs (mouths, eyes, ears, fingers, noses, etc.)


Insect parts (wings, heads, legs, etc.)


Human parts (any)


Some whole animals (dogs, crabs, fish, turtles, etc.)


Astrological symbols




Vast landscapes


Golden color


Elements that have symbolic/referential meaning


Things that represent birth and death (skulls, skeletons, babies, etc.)


Things that show time (watches, clocks, calendars, sundials, etc.)


Changes in scale (giant ants, tiny elephants, etc.)


Replacements (birds in a fish tank, dogs driving cars, etc.)


Portals (doors, windows, gates, etc.)


Game pieces (chess, cards, etc.)




Consider using:




Floating objects


Bending the laws of physics


Mystical spaces


Transformed/hybrid creatures/objects


Changes of scale


Making interior into exterior



WEEK 10 _Oct 28_______________________________________________





Continue of Surreal ...

Technical tips  (select , blend, modify, ...)








WEEK 11 _Nov 04_______________________________________________





Due Today before class :

Surreal Design

Illusion of Space




One Point

Two Point

Vanishing Point


Working file [Here]






Continue on Perspective

3files due in class:

  • CL_02_Perspective_5type
  • CL_03_Perspective_9cube
  • HM_01_1point -vanishA


2files Homework:

  • HM_02_2point -1vanishOut
  • HM_03_1point - Street








WEEK 12 _Nov 11_______________________________________________







2 point Perspective in Illustrator.



Create a design with at least 11 cubes in 2 point perspective, legal size/horizontal document in Illustrator.

Choose your favorite color in a monochromatic scheme and color your design logically.

You will pay attention to arrangement of the layers and atmospheric perspective.



Your character in perspective.

File 1: You are using your character in multiple distances (at least 8)

File 2: File 1: You are using your character in multiple distances AND an additional object in the perspective multiple times. (total at least 8)

Find related objects in linear or silhouette shape


Try to use your character (and external object) in normal and flipped shape on both sides of your vanishing point.

Download the template [Here]



Download CH26-27-28[Here]





Create a word or an acronym in a 2 point perspective by using all 3 plates (Left, right, and horizontal)

Use shade to define depth and dimension.

Pay attention to layer arrangements and overlap areas.








Transitional Edges, Implied Edges


Practice file [Here]


File 1:

Using Illustrator:

In one letter document-horizontal Create 6 different circular design using sharp shapes.



File 2:

Using Illustrator, in a file with 6 artboards letter-size, create 6 different compositions with 3 circles / in landscape orientation


 For your 6 compositions consider:


1. Color theme

2. If the three circles are arranged in a triangle you will have a dead zone of white space in the middle.

3. All of the composition must be addressed. This does not mean everything has to be filled up. You should not be able to cut off part of the page without ruining the composition.

4. Color theme

5. Make sure there’s negative space. Consider symmetrical or non-symmetrical.

6. Avoid geometric and hierarchical arrangements. Rhythm means that things are not arranged geometrically and sequentially. That’s also the reason for the different sizes.

7. If two shapes overlap or are close together they read as one - proximity.

8. Color theme

9. This is an exercise of determining size and placement.

10. Reinforce from earlier: Don’t be afraid of going off the edge. Don’t stick images in corners.

11. Color theme


Use Adobe Color for color theme.



WEEK 13 _Nov 18_______________________________________________





Download CH26-27-28[Here]



Informal grid as elements


Create your lattices and use them in your circular compositions.


Bilateral Symmetry

Working File Ch24 [Here]



Upload all latices in a single horizontal document (150ppi)

Upload 2circular design including lattices


Upload your bilateral symmetry design


Take 5 photos which found grids or lattices create unity or adding focal point.







Creative use of Effects and Graphic Style

- Appearance panel

- Appearance attribute

- Add/edit effect

- Graphic style

- Scale stroke





Download working file [Here]



MCCAMC Student Success Faculty Learning Community Meeting

2pm-5pm Class: Class starts at 3:30 pm.

6pm-9pm Class: Class starts at normal time.



WEEK 14 _Nov 25_______________________________________________










WEEK 15 _Dec 02_______________________________________________





Creating Final Portfolio

New tool: Adobe InDesign





 - Defining preset vs New Document

 - Facing pages vs Non-facing page

 - Working with master page

 - Grids and Guides

 - Creating Header / Footer / Folio / Page number

 - Importing image / working with image frame


Download working file Amazing Northridge [Here]






Continue on Adobe InDesign

Using Snippet


Design your Layout, Cover


Portfolio requirement







Final Portfolio Brief [Here]

CSUN Logo for your Portfolio Cover in 3 color [Here]

Helpful Snippets for your Portfolio [Here]



MCCAMC Student Success Faculty Learning Community Meeting

2pm-5pm Class: Class starts at 3:30 pm.


WEEK 16 _Dec 09_______________________________________________





Class 2pm-4:45pm

2:00 Acosta,Kimberly Juliana

2:07 Araujo,Nicholas Sebastian

2:14 Avila,Brooke Frances

2:21 Barnett,Lance David

2:28 Baylis,Jared Albert

2:35 Benitez Flores,Isabel

2:42 De Luna-Murillo,Angel

2:49 Enriquez,Robin Delfin

2:56 Gomez,Eduardo

3:03 Gotauco,Cindy T.

3:10 Gooding,Chry

3:17 Hartmann,Curtis

3:24 Land,Foggy Madison

3:31 Mason,Brandon Austin

3:38 Mendoza,Jason

3:45 Perez,Daisy

3:52 Pinedo III,Cris

3:59 Ramirez,Anthony

4:06 Ramirez,Jonathan

4:13 Reyno,Kristian Siruno

4:20 Rivera,Chelsie Emily-Rose

4:27 Taylor,Brandon K

4:34 Villanueva,Nicole Lynn

4:41 Yu,Yi



Class 6pm-8:45pm

6:00 Atwood,Sydney

6:07 Basilio,Aileen

6:14 Cho,Leon

6:21 Cruz,Analisa

6:28 Cruz,Kat

6:35 Esteghlal,Negar

6:42 Finks,Destiny Samone

6:49 Gallegos,Rodrigo

6:56 Ho,Britney

7:03 Martinez,Emmanuel

7:10 Perez,Emmanuel

7:17 Rendon,April

7:24 Ruiz,Luis Alejandro

7:31 Samuel,Andre Anthony Malcolm

7:38 Schneider,Nikhil J

7:45 Shapow,Steffany

7:52 Tovar,Blanca Estela

7:59 Uytiepo,Kyle Matthew Geronilla

8:06 Whitfield,Simone Alexandria

8:13 Zhou,Yangyuxin

8:20 Hansen, Kyra

8:27 Salazar, Janette





Last Day | Portfolio Due | Final Exam





Pen Tool is your friend!