(Dates and projects are subject to change)



WEEK 01 _August 24_______________________________________________






Supplies, Books, Due dates, Online communication,

In-class practices, Assignments/Projects, written exams, Presentation, Final, ...

Review Syllabus, Office hours, Presentation date, ...


Questionnaire [Link]




Review on Basic Elements of 2D Design:

Point, Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Color, …


Review on 2D Design Principles:

Unity, Balance, Rhythm, ...


Hand Warming practice [Brief]


Next Due: Hand-warming practice by 3 pm.

Format: LastName_Art223A_FA20_HandwarmingV1_MMDDYY.jpg



In-Class [Exercise]

Introducing Binder Project [Brief]

Presentation - Reading chapters [Brief]


Next Due: Exercise 1 - by Sunday Aug 30, 11:59pm

Although we finish one out of four designs during the class time, but you'll upload all 4 designs by deadline.




WEEK 02 _Aug 31_______________________________________________


Introducing Project 0: [Modular Alphabet]

Prj 0 due date: Sep 13th. 11:59pm (Character sets / Upper OR Lower)

Illustrator 11"x17"/ Landscape / 150dpi / 0.5" margin

Use your design in 2 different words as example



Look and Read: [Type Anatomy]


Visit: Modulartype on tumblr


Try: xiconeditor , rw-designer






Upload (2) photos of your sketches for your modular geometry typeface by Sep 6th. 11:59pm.
Try to take a good photo using acceptable light, no shadow, right angle, right orientation, and cropped unnecessary areas.

Watch this video if you need: [YouTube]



WEEK 03 _Sep 07_______________________________________________


No official class by university calendar. But I will available to assist with your questions on projects or technical issues if you need.


Due: Sketches on Modular Alphabet



WEEK 04 _Sep 14_______________________________________________




Did you sign up?


Anna, Steven?



Type Anatomy

Did you check Type Anatomy Poster?

Anatomy of type  > [Here]



Project 0 > Review uploaded works


Tips for white shapes over black shapes. (Remember our exercise?)


Practice file [Here]



Introducing Project 1, Morticed Character [Here]




Due today:


Project 0 - Modular Type

Project 1 - What letter you would like to work and deconstruct?! (Letter?/lower or upper? category? name?...)

                 Fit your character into your grid before check-out.


WEEK 05 _Sep 21_______________________________________________


Due today:


Project 1 - Morticed Character

Take photo of your progress.

Make sure your final version is clean, no wrinkle, no smudge, ...

Make sure your photos have appropriate lighting, correct orientation, right angle, and fit cropping with no extra background.




Introducing Project 2, Words (Illustrated / Substitution) [Here]

Make sure you have your 2 assigned words before leaving the class.


IF you feel trapped between couple of ideas > send me 3 clean and clear sketches by Wednesday 11:59pm and I will help you to pick the best one to develop.




WEEK 06 _Sep 28_______________________________________________



Due today:

Project 2 -  Words (Illustrated / Substitution)

How to export


Review Project 2


Reading files [Here]


Exercise 2 [Here]


Quiz? Next week?


WEEK 07 _Oct 05_______________________________________________



Due today:

Exercise  -  ArtWeek

PDF in 9 pages



Ready for quiz?


Presentation: Daproza, Derek


Type Categories

Adobe Fonts AKA TypeKit


Introducing Project 3, Type Style [Here]



WEEK 08 _Oct 12_______________________________________________




Amazing Fullerton [Here]










GRID Part 1

Grid in InDesign

Exercise 3 [Here]

12 columns grid magazine examples [Here]



You will upload another 8 layouts before our next class.

Make sure: your files Include an extra page after each layout to

show how you used the grid with 50 percent gray rectangles.


A good online resource for grid: The Grid System > [Here]

A great Open Source Textbook by OpenTextBC:  Graphic Design Principles > [Here]

Check out > Chapter 3. Design Elements, Design Principles, and Compositional Organization > 3.4 Organizational Principles


WEEK 09 _Oct 19_______________________________________________



Larry, Karla


Deliver Amazing Fullerton

Template to play [Here]

Exercise 3.




WEEK 10 _Oct 26_______________________________________________



Qianyin Wang

Lu Ling


Introducing Project 4, Type Specimen [Here]


Type Choices:


• Bodoni

• Garamond

• Gill Sans

• Cooper Black

• Futura

• Baskerville

• Avenir LT std

• Brothers

• Clarendon LT Std

• Franklin Gothic

• ITC Avant Garde Gothic Std

• Penumbra

• Trade Gothic LT Std


* If by any chance you are interested in any of above typefaces but you don't have them on your machine, let me know.




WEEK 11 Nov 02_______________________________________________



Due Today: Project 4

How do you submit your Type Specimen?

How do you export your file from InDesign or Illustrator?

Let's submit project 4...

Review the submissions


About Binder Project:

Examples from previous semesters (Print version)


For digital version we will use: Milanote


Short note on Image search and quality of files.



- Create board > Icon color: blue > board name: LASTNAME_ART223A_FA20

- Board background color: gray, Dot grid: on

- Add images in 2 columns

- Add note on the right side of each image.

- Publish & Share > Allow comments: on | Welcome Message: Follow the example

- Share your link via Google sheet before Nov 16, 2020 [Here]
- Export your PDF version and submit to the canvas.





WEEK 12 Nov 09_______________________________________________


How is your binder project going?!



Marisa Saggio

Angela Metters


Introducing Project 5 [Here]


Acceptable sketches:

- Clear use of grids (Columns* and Guides)

- Correct size and measurement

- Display accurate margins (all 4 sides)

- Clear identification of type choices (Title and other display)

- Accurate position of header and footer

- Clear position of page numbers


 * Due to the small size of the booklet, 6 columns can be use for each page.



WEEK 13 Nov 16_______________________________________________



Chloe Lin

Anna Whitelaw





Binder Project - Online link


Project 5 - Sketches (Pencil)

Share your sketches via Canvas


Digital version of your booklet

Paragraph Style

Character Style

TOC | Table of contents


Working file - Catalog example [Here]

Working file - Booklet example [Here]


WEEK 14 Nov 23_______________________________________________






WEEK 15 Nov 30_______________________________________________


Review on digital draft


Make sure your file includes:

  • Master page
  • Appropriate margin
  • Grid in place
  • Paragraph style
  • TOC
  • Page number
  • Complete text
  • Cover
  • Back cover


Lets make a mock-up for our booklet.

Magazine Mock-up [Here]

Mock-up Examples to use [Here]


WEEK 16 Nov 07_______________________________________________



Last day


Delivering the booklet file as PDF and mock-up as JPG.

Delivering any missing projects.



Package your InDesign file

  1. With your project open in InDesign, click File > Package.
  2. In the pre-flight dialog box, click Show Problems Only to see any issues that need attention. (do not worry about color mode. RGB and CMYK are both acceptable)
  3. Click Package. Tick boxes to include fonts, linked graphics, and document settings. Click Package again.
  4. Your InDesign document, image links and fonts will all be included in one folder.

or you can watch this tutorial from adobe: [Here]