(Dates and projects are subject to change)



WEEK 01 _August 23 - 25_______________________________________________





Supplies, Books, Due dates, Online communication,

In-class practices, Assignments/Projects, written exams, Presentation, Final, ...

Review Syllabus, Office hours, Presentation date, ...


Questionnaire [Link]




Review on Basic Elements of 2D Design:

Point, Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Color, …


Review on 2D Design Principles:

Unity, Balance, Rhythm, ...


Hand Warming practice [Brief]


Next Due: Hand-warming practice before next class.

Format: LastName_Art223B_FA21_HandwarmingV1_MMDDYY.jpg



Exercise 1 [Brief]

Presentation - Reading chapters [Brief]


Due before next class:

You will upload your exercise 1 to the Canvas in pdf format using NCSPD to name the file.





WEEK 02 _Aug 31 - Sep  01_______________________________________________


This week we continue to review on Type 223A.


Revised version of SoCal Musical.


Typekit Adobe Fonts



How do we read?

Eye movement on paper, on screen




First InDesign practice.


COVID-19 Spread [Here]


Practice how to export your file before leaving the class.

As we do not meet on Monday 6th., it is important to learn how

to save/export your spread properly.









WEEK 03 _Sep 06 - Sep  08_______________________________________________




Project 1

3 Columns | Social Media Crashes the 2016 Oscar | New Yorker [Link]

Hierarchy, Type Pairing


Part 1 > Finding visual Example and analyzing

Part 2 > Designing your layout



















WEEK 04 _Sep 13 - Sep  15_______________________________________________



Review on 3 Columns


Title treatment

3 Blind Mice!


Tim Burton, David Fincher, Steven Soderbergh

Filmogrpahy and Imagery







WEEK 05 _Sep 20 - Sep  22_______________________________________________



Review on digital sketches

3 Blind Mice!



Final delivery 3 Blind Mice:

Wednesday Sep22nd,.  1:30 pm on Canvas.



Celebrity Graphic Project

Step1: Collecting assets


Step 2: Sketches



Due before next class on Monday Sep 27th.: 9 Sketches










WEEK 06 _Sep 27 - Sep  29_______________________________________________




Celebrity Graphic ...


Step 3A: Image extraction

Step 3B: Type Exploration

Step 4: Pre-Final

Step 5: Final






WEEK 07 _Oct 04 - Oct 06_______________________________________________


Due today: Celebrity Graphic Final



Introducing Booklet project [Here]


Acceptable sketches:

- Clear use of grids (Columns* and Guides)

- Correct size and measurement

- Display accurate margins (all 4 sides)

- Clear identification of type choices (Title and other display)

- Accurate position of header and footer

- Clear position of page numbers


 * Due to the small size of the booklet, 6 columns can be use for each page.







On-Going Project - Online Binder (Cut & Paste) [Brief]




WEEK 08 _Oct 11 - Oct 13_______________________________________________



Due today:

The structure of your document is ready in InDesign.

Columns (6 or 12), guides, header, footer, margins,...

Including: 28 pages (26 your design + 2 page from instructor)


1 Cover

1 Inside-cover


1 Intro

19 Pages rule

2 page (I will send you)

1 Epilogue

1 Back-cover

1 Inside-back-cover


28 Total



Paragraph style

Character style

Nested style?

Object style?

NOTE: If you don't use style, InDesign can't generate your table of content.


Due before next class on Wednesday:

Digital draft of all your 28 page using style.

Submit it as PDF, spread  to canvas.





Table of Content

Create TOC using Paragraph and character style

Adding sections

TOC practice file [Here]


Cover / Back-Cover


We review complete booklet on Monday for any last touch up.


WEEK 09 _Oct 18 - Oct 20_______________________________________________



Oct 18th:

Last review on screen - Final version, Including cover/back cover/TOC

Check the preflight, export for print

Print(save) as booklet (using PostScript)



2 Additional pages [Here] (Don't forget your total pages in booklet will be 28)

Needed PPD file [Here]

Adobe - Help page for more info [Here]



Oct 20th:











WEEK 10 _Oct 25 - Oct 27_______________________________________________


Changing modality to Online Synchronous via Zoom

Check the canvas for zoom info.

Make sure you are using your CSUF credential to log in.

You can find the Zoom links on canvas, left panel.

Don't be late!



Make an InDesign Package from your booklet and upload to the canvas.

Package will include your original indd file and pdf format and all necessary components.





Type Specimen

Project Brief [Here]





Due before next class:

3 sketches (preferably in 3 different style according to the brief) arranged in one tabloid jpg/150dpi.








  • Theme and concept: Formatted? Display treatment? Abstract? Hybrid?
  • What is your general composition: symmetrical? asymmetrical? radial? ...
  • Balanced? Imbalanced?
  • Color pallet and why?
  • Hierarchy: Main key-art, second stop, third level, fine detail, ...
  • Fulfill requirements according to the theme: the name of typeface? designer? history? sample? character set? number set? punctuation? different family? ...



Due next class: 2 digital draft preferably in 2 different style. (Adobe Illustrator is recommended)




WEEK 11 _Nov 01 - Nov 03_______________________________________________




Due today:

2 digital draft preferably in 2 different style. Arranged in a tabloid document (horizontally or vertically), 150dpi, jpg.










WEEK 12 _Nov 08 - Nov 10_______________________________________________


Ad Conversion












































WEEK 13 _Nov 15 - Nov 17_______________________________________________









Six Article Variations - Billie Eilish column

Brief, Images and Copy on canvas.

Letter size document - spread.



WEEK 14 _Nov 22 - Nov 24_______________________________________________








WEEK 15 _Nov 29 - Dec 01_______________________________________________



Due today:

Six articles on Billie Eilish.



Due today:

Sketching for newsletter.




Threaded columns

Drop Caps

Text wraps



WEEK 16 _Dec 06 - Dec 08_______________________________________________


Creating spread on Billie Eilish according to the sketch.



Replacing sample articles with actual copy. variation of genres.