WEEK 01 _AUG 24-26_______________________________________________








Office hours


File naming







-- Around Photoshop

-- Around Illustrator

-- Documents/Imports and Outputs


Let's make some lines. (or paths?)


All shapes has 2 parts!



In-Class practice Download files > Here

Home practice Download files > Here


Read: Creating public ePortfolio on Canvas


Project 1: Fortune Cookie ( Make it personal)


Upload 2 files to Canvas before next class.

1. Shape assignment: from agenda page

2. Houes:

Take a good/straight/frontal photo of your building (home, house, dorm, ...).

Draw your house in Illustrator.

Keep your lines straight. No curves.

Use only flat/solid colors. No gradients or textures.


In Illustrator save your .ai file for archive. Export the file as .jpg .

In Photoshop place your drawing AND your real photo in a letter size document/portrait/print quality/1" margin.






WEEK 02 _ Aug 31 - Sep 02_______________________________________________





Read: Guide to Graphic Design Ch1,2



Class notes [pdf]

Project 1: Fortune Cookie [Brief]






Did you read your text?

Reading the images....

Reading the artwork...


Ai WeiWei [Wiki]



Your treasure / Junk box

Project 1 research review



Scanning / modifying and adjustments (size, resolution, contrast, ...)


File Size, File Format



Source: 99designes




Using Photoshop prepare your images and upload 4 images in required format to Canvas:


1. A celebrity portrait 5" by 5" print quality, jpg format

2. A natural landscape 4" by 8", medium quality, png format

3. A high-rise building in black and white 1200px by 400px, Internet quality, tiff format

4. An instrument in square proportion in size 2MB, jpg format



For next class: Make sure you've read Chapter 3.





WEEK 03 _Sep 07 - Sep 09_______________________________________________




Chapter 3

Graphic Design concepts


Montage in Photoshop


Finalizing your topic

Reviewing Sketches/Thumbnails



Demo on Photomontage  (DADA - SURREALISM)

Download the guide [here]

Download the assets and template [here]


Tips on selecting your assets------------------------


Common surrealist elements/themes:

Slow flying things (insects, birds, balloons, etc.)


Hybrids (ordinary animals or objects spliced together)

Sensory organs (mouths, eyes, ears, fingers, noses, etc.)

Insect parts (wings, heads, legs, etc.)

Human parts (any)

Some whole animals (dogs, crabs, fish, turtles, etc.)

Astrological symbols


Vast landscapes

Golden color

Elements that have symbolic/referential meaning

Things that represent birth and death (skulls, skeletons, babies, etc.)

Things that show time (watches, clocks, calendars, sundials, etc.)

Changes in scale (giant ants, tiny elephants, etc.)

Replacements (birds in a fish tank, dogs driving cars, etc.)

Portals (doors, windows, gates, etc.)




Continue on Hybrid/Composite imagery



Download Surreal montage template [Here]



WEEK 04 _Sep 14 - Sep 16 _______________________________________________





Review on your hybrid result.


Demo -

Some image-making techniques using Photoshop, Illustrator


(Missing files on Project 1?)




Due today:

Delivering surreal imagery.



Form and Meaning



Pixel to Vector

Tracing Images


Introducing Project 2 [Here]


Digital Self Portrait [Here]

1- Make a self portrait - 2500px x 2500px  (Square) maximum 5 colors

2- Create a vertical document 5000px x 2500px


Watch Image Tracing technique on Lynda (For Example: Illustrator: Tracing Artwork)


USEFUL TOOL: Adobe Color [Here]



WEEK 05 _Sep 21 - Sep 23 _______________________________________________






Self Portrait - Digital

Upload your digital portrait file to Canvas.




Phase 1 Twelve (12) 3x3” photos of your object

The photos will be well lighted with no harsh shadow, cropped, cleaned and resized to requirement.

Photos will be uploaded to the canvas.


 Make sure your object photos include: The whole object, familiar and unfamiliar angles, detail, meaningful background, in use or function (if applicable),...



Online links to take a better shot:

On Lynda > Mobile Photography Weekly with Seán Duggan > Simple product photography with your phone

On YouTube > How To Build A Photo Light Box [Here]

On YouTube > DIY Product Photos - Easy, Cheap and Good-looking [Here]

On YouTube > Build A Light Box On The Cheap [Here]






12 photos of the object in your canvas. (retouched, cropped, cleaned, sized) including silhouette, different angles, with and without background showing whole and details of the object.


Phase 1,2 Twelve (12) 3x3” pencil/pen/marker sketches of your object

Document all your sketches in your sketch book. You need to scan best 12 for the project.


 WEEK 06 _Sep 28 - Sep 30 _______________________________________________






Digital Seff Portrait



Following...12 photos + 12 Sketch + 12 interpretations of you object are done. (?)


 12 photos of the object in your canvas. (retouched, cropped, cleaned, sized) including silhouette, different angles, with and without background showing whole and details of the object.



Visual imagery > Written statement

Adobe Fonts (TypeKit)






Type and Typography


Type Measurement










Concept - Statement



 WEEK 07 _Oct 05 - Oct 07 _______________________________________________




Symbol, Icon



Choose 2 options for your typeface

Showcase your brand in both selected typeface


We review the brief and the choice of the typeface and finalizing the logo/logotype.





Adobe InDesign - Your management tool for type and image.

The basic in InDesign


Type tool, Typefaces, Fonts, Kerning, Tracking, Leading, Type on path/curve, ...

Export PDF


Project 2 Template in InDesign format: [Here]


 WEEK 08 _Oct 12 - Oct 14 _______________________________________________



Project 2 ...



 WEEK 09 _Oct 19 - Oct 21 _______________________________________________






Project 2 ...

Reviewing sketches


Modular typeface

Design your geometric typeface:

Follow the instruction [Here]

Begin with a good size grid. Bigger grids will give you more opportunity and more possibility.

Think about square OR rectangle grid; 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, ...10x10, ... OR 4x6, 5x7, 6x8, ...8x12, ...

Set your goal on lowercase OR uppercase.

Start with H, O, M, A or n,o,b,a,v


Use illustrator to execute your design.

Keep the Grids on. ( View menu > Show Grids)

Keep Snap to Grid on. (View menu > Snap to Grid)

Use ruler/guides when you need them. (both in View menu)

You can rotate, flip, replicate each piece, but changing scale is not allowed.

Showcase your typeface in by typing TYPE DESIGN at the bottom of your design.


You can use this template to start with. [Here]

Upload your draft design to the Canvas before next class on Thursday.







Project 2 - Digital draft


Modular type - draft design





 WEEK 10 _Oct 26 - Oct 28 _______________________________________________





Project 2 last update

Modular type last update


Update your ePortfolio


Introducing Project 3, Movie Poster [Here]

Movies list [Here]





Public board on Pinterest

Name your board as GMD101 | Your name  | Project 3 | Movie Poster | Fall  2021

submit the link to the canvas and ePortfolio


Cliche in movie posters

Type in movie posters


Golden Section [Here]

Adobe Color [Here]



Rule of thirds template for movie poster sketch [Here]



Due next class on Tuesday:

Gather image/design close to YOUR idea in a board on Pinterest.

3 sketches (3 different ideas) using grid: golden section, rule of thirds, ...

Research on golden ratio and use your favorite one.

We select one of your idea and develop the design to the final step during the weekend.



Read Chapter 8 - Grids and Alignments (Only 17 pages)



 WEEK 11 _Nov 02 - Nov 04 _______________________________________________




Due today:

Pinterest Board

3 Sketech in one horizontal tabloid jpg file/150dpi (all 3 sketches side by side)



tips and hints to design your poster


Download the credit template [Here]







 WEEK 12 _Nov 09 - Nov 11 _______________________________________________



Social media packet [Here]

Download the template for social media content  and import your design accordingly.

Typeface: ITC Franklin Gothic LT ( or similar condensed sans-serif)




Veterans Day *



WEEK 13 _Nov 16 - Nov 18 _______________________________________________




Due today:

Movie Poster

Movie social packet...


Submited to the canvas and ePortfolio:


ePortfolio: 1. Poster in JPG  2. Social media in 6 JPG slides




Introducing Project 4, Title Sequence  [Here]


Art of Title [Here]

To consider:

Panic Room, Catch Me If You Can, Walk on the Wild Side, True Detective, Se7en, Dexter, Mad Men, Juno, Requiem for a dream



Introducing After Effects


Working file for After  Effects 1 [Here]

Working file for After Effects 2 [Here]




WEEK 14 _Nov 23 - Nov 25 _______________________________________________




Due today, November 23rd.:

You present your finding on your chosen title sequence.

Share the URL for your dedicated Pinterest board on Project 4 and start collecting assets and examples.



We continue to work on After Effects...

Importing Audio and adjusting sound




Color adjustment











We won't have class on 25th., so long weekend will give you enough time to work on 2 assignments for November 30th.:


1. You will make 15 seconds promotional video on voting.

2. Story board for your 60 second title sequence on paper, using our template. [Here]


Meanwhile you are collecting assets (directly AND indirectly related to your show on Pinterest board)







WEEK 15 _Nov 30 - Dec 02 _______________________________________________




Due today, November 30th.:

Your story board on paper.


 We will continue on After Effects and see how to render and export your file as a playable piece.




Due today, December 2nd.:

You rough time-line in after effect using your found materials and assets.

Be ready to share your screen, so we can look at your time-line.




WEEK 16 _Dec 07 - Dec 09 _______________________________________________




Due today, December 7th.:

Last review on title sequence, timing, syncing and transitions.





Due today, December 9th.:

Your final cut for title sequence in 60 seconds, including soundtrack in .MOV or .MP4 format.





YOU DID IT! _______________________________________________



You will include your title sequence in your ePortfolio.

Share your public ePortfolio link on canvas.


Your ePortfolio is showcasing your works in this semester. (I you are interested, feel free to include your works from other classes in miscellaneous section)


ePortfilio has 6 Sections on the left:


  • Intro.
  • Project 1- Fortune Cookie
  • Project 2- Object
  • Project 3- Poster
  • Project 4- Title Sequence
  • Misc.


In Introduction, you may have a short bio, objective, perhaps a selfie or any information that helps to introduce yourself to your potential visitor.

Each section may have some Pages on the right side.

For each project include all steps that you documented. For example any written note, sketches, doodles, Pinterest URL, digital draft, final version,...

In miscellaneous, you may include any side assignment or other project. For example Modular typeface, Digital portrait, Surreal image,...




Last word:

Besides all formal objectives and "students learning outcomes," I had one goal for your class;

Make the course interesting and formative enough to make "you" interested in this field. I generalized "this field" because I do not know what path you will take for your career. There is no limit here; becoming a graphic designer, motion designer, typographer, art director, problem solver, UX/UI designer will be your choice, but what is important is staying in this field. If you feel you enjoyed the class (set aside all my nags for margins and compositions!), you should stay in this field, and I will promise you an enjoyable life. I'm not saying you will get enough sleep in this path or every weekend you get to do your routine weekend; no, your brain will be engaged 24/7. Even when you are not working toward your client's desire, you will find something around yourself to think about, criticize, and improve it, even in your imagination.

It was great to be with you this fall semester. I wish you all a great holiday ahead, and I look forward to seeing your success, no matter if you are staying in this path or not.









College of the Canyons

GMD101 - Fall 2018